growing up was really nice for me, school was a huge part of my life as my father is in the academic world,somewhere along the line i noticed not everyone was like me,not everyone went to school, not everyone had parents,not everyone had good clothes and i am fortunate to have those things. 

    What actually moved me was the fact that they did not chose to be that way and the fact they could not do anything to change their situation. As a young person i didn’t know what to do even though i did i didn’t have enough resources to do so. 

As i advanced in age and moved on to secondary school i saw a wider world,i saw people suffering,i had friends who couldn’t afford fees, friends who were physically and emotionally abused by their guardians it pained me in my little attempt to help so i told my mum about it she helped by contributing money to pay for my friend’s fees,i even sometimes sneaked food items out of the house to give my friends who could not afford it. Not that i was supergirl or anything or i wanted gratitude ,the smile i put on their faces was enough for me. Like mother theresa once said “a life not lived for others is not a life” that is why i am devoting myself to speak agianst violence, against inequality in the society and other problems,not only speaking but acting in my word through visiting schools and educating them on the importance of education and how their ideas and actions can move and change the world also organising summits and programmes as well as lectures to talk about these problems and ways they can be solved. I want to inspire, i want to put smiles on peoples faces, i want to move the world with my word and actions. 


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