Education in all parts of the world has been deeply acknowledged because of the huge role it has played and is to play in the economy of any country. Though many individuals have been denied access to this basic right as a result of wars and insurgencies in their country, it did not stop some countries from educating it’s citizens. 

   Nigeria is often regarded as the giant of Africa because of its large population and other distinctive characteristics which the country possess. It has always been a struggle to educate the large population and the problem does not seem to be getting solved as there has not been any permanent solutions. These educational problems can be attributed to the bad governance and insurgency problems especially in the northern states of the country which has prevented many children from going to school and attending vital classes. 

   The educational system in Nigeria has made it difficult for students to further their education especially to the tertiary level which is the most important level to guarantee a secured job in a country like Nigeria. 

   Most of the time individuals put in charge of the educational sector are mostly blamed for not creating policies that favor citizens and ease admission process. Problems like these is what increases the rate of violence and crime in the society as youths are left idle and are forced to engage in negative activities. 

   Schools in Nigeria often go on strike which causes classes and other educational activities to cease although this strike is not present in some schools such as private schools. Access to these private schools is limited as the fees are expensive and some people can therefore not afford it. 

   It is very clear that is these problems are not properly and quickly addressed they could completely ruin the already crippled education system in Nigeria. 


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