Every nations progress is monitored by its growth and pace of development,it then becomes a problem when there is little or no signal of growth and development. This is the problem faced today in Nigeria.

At this very moment in Nigeria we are forced to question the so called government as there is no evidence that their functions are being adequately carried out. Just when we thought the nation was getting ready to accomodate positive change the opposite seems to be case,adjusting to this has been and is very frustrating as the problem of bad governance still lingers in Nigeria. Citizens are forced to look at a country that once thrived and identified with growth as one of its characteristics now move back to an unstable spot where development can’t even be spotted.

Are things getting worse? Yes. Is this country full of potential moving back ward?yes. The only thing we can do is to point out these problems hoping they can be rapidly attended to and also do our part in our nation as it takes just a person to make a difference.


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