Online campaign against child abuse in Nigeria

Child abuse in Nigeria is almost becoming a norm for its citizens as there is no strong penalty for this crime.some children face abuse everyday in different forms,child abuse could be physical or emotional each having its own effects on the affected child.

It is not a strange scene in Nigeria to see young children under the hot sun selling different wares on the road during school hours while their mates are in school this doesn’t just have effects on their academics but it destroys them emotionally.

Some parents and caretakers have taken discipline to the next level,they have made the mistake of abusing children,some have taken it so far to the extent of tieing their children up for petty offences.

It is clear this is a problem so it is left to us to find solutions.some of this solutions include identifying child abuse and reporting to the authorities,we can also stop child abuse by enlightening parents on the effects abuse has on their children.

Together let us stop child abuse.


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