war and education

Many countries in the world have gone into war,some were able to overcome it others could not. Loss of life as well as property is one of the drastic consequences of war . war affects everbody especially the children. War  destabilizes any economy as all its activities come to a halt.

Education happens to be a major part of any economy, children are forced out of schools or some killed during the war,some flee their countries with their parents and become refugees,some die in the process of fleeing. Children are the leaders of today,tommorow,and the future and being a leader requires great amount of knowledge which cannot be gotten without education.

It is very obvious that these two things war and education do not go together.children leave their homes in search of a brighter future,some are tricked into slavery,some are promised good jobs and a stable education, some fall victim to child trafficking. One thing that is clear is that these children want to get educated,they value education.

War deprives people of their rights as human beings,so let us fight for a better world where there is peace and education for all.